MCDS 1.022

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Released: Aug 17, 2016
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Application MCDS 1.022
application, 9970K, uploaded Aug 17, 2016 - 1488 downloads

Release Notes

First beta release as MCDS.

Update 1.007:
Bug fixed: Max cross dimer, max hairpin, max dimer and Tm values can be displayed in the property panel of Gibson Designer node now.

Update 1.008:
Improvement: Support sequence pattern search in the "Search Box". For example, you can search a pattern such as "ATGCNYRMKWSDHBV"
N: A/T/G/C, Y: T/C, R:A/G, M:A/C, K:G/T, W:A/T, S:G/C, D:A/G/T, H:A/C/T, B:C/G/T, V:A/C/G;

Update 1.009:
Improvement: Automatic update. MCDS will be able to detect new update and install the update automatically. New update will be available from GibHub.

Update 1.010:
Primer list management upgrade.

Update 1.011:
Allows cancellation for long calculation.

Update 1.012

Update 1.015
Summary View organized in Tabs.

Update 1.016
Bug fixes: 1) recombination can accepts enzyme digestion products; 2) empty project can be saved and loaded.

Update 1.017
New feature:
1) ORF (open reading frame) search in the context menu (right click menu).
2) Feature selection in vector map is highlighted in blue.
3) ORF annotations from search can be added to the project feature manager by clicking 'Manage Feature'.

Update 1.018
New feature:
1) recombination sites can be recognized in the primer box. e.g. phiC31 attB will be converted to its sequence when user press 'Enter' key.

Update 1.019
Bug fix:
1) a name-to-sequence replacement bug was fixed.
New feature:
2) name-to-sequence replacement allows the control of direction by syntax such as phiC31 attB> or <phiC31 attB.

Update 1.020 2016-04-22
Bug fix:
1) Fixed bug in saving the digestion buffer information
2) Fixed bug of missing reference

Update 1.021 2016-05-13
MCDS was published on MEC.

Update 1.022 2016-08-17
1) Fixed bug in parsing LOCUS line of Genebank file when name contains special characters.

Reviews for this release

Excellent tool for molecular cloning design! It does everything I need.
by berryfair on Sep 23, 2015 at 11:08 AM
The flowchart UI is very impressive. I never saw anything similar in other cloning software. Complex cloning design has become a lot easier! Well done and thanks!
by JohnShanonAdams on Oct 7, 2015 at 9:33 AM